Footsteps To The Future<br>"It Is All About The Girls"

Footsteps To The Future, Inc.,

is a non-profit organization that empowers young women, in and aging out

of foster care, to safely and successfully transition to living independently.


Our mission is focused on advocacy, evidence-based mentoring and academic achievement to help foster youth as they transition toward independent living.


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Jazzin' It Up 2014, Was April 12.

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Nationally there are over 600,000 children and young adults in the foster care system.  Footsteps to the Future was created to help young women successfully transition from foster care to living independently.  It is our goal to assist them as they become educated, job-ready, self-sufficent, and productive members of our community.


At the age of 18 youth in foster care "age out" of the system leaving them with little resources to transition to living independently.  As a result, statistics show that:


 50% will fall prey to crime, drug and alcohol abuse and homelessness

70% do not have a high-school degree or GED

25% become homeless within three years of leaving the system

70% of the nation’s prison populations have spent some time in foster care

Children live what they learn: Dysfunctional families tend to replicate living off the system for generations



The purpose of Footsteps to the Future is to provide tools of empowerment to guide, encourage, and mentor young women helping them make positive choices to reach their highest potential.


View this short video and hear from some members of Footsteps: